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Skip_May_07Welcome, and thank you for visiting my Homeowners Association Laws web site! I’m Skip Daum, former Registered Legislative Advocate for the Community Associations Institute’s California Legislative Action Committee since 1992, and I resigned the account in September 2016.

On this site I’m offering you the opportunity to receive my concise, fact-checked monthly legislative reports that will keep you apprised about pending HOA legislation that directly impacts your association or business…  as it is happening!

Amidst more than 2,500 bills that are introduced each legislative session in California, dozens amend the Davis-Stirling Act which governs all HOAs.  In fact, that Act has been amended more than 55 times since it originally became law in 1985.

HOA Board Members, association members, and staff need to know about these changing laws… as they are in the process of moving through the Legislature.  The information that you will receive in my reports will keep you ahead of the game as amendments occur, as votes are taken, and in order that you can start planning to implement the bills if they are signed into law.

For 24 years my job has been to find these HOA bills, analyze them, and lobby for or against them, or seek amendments to them in order that they do not harm community associations like yours.  Such amendments are aimed at maintaining your local self-governance, association solvency, preserving owners’ rights and obligations, market value and lifestyle.

There are always bills dealing with assessment collection, foreclosures, board and member rights and obligations, property recordations, elections,  construction defects and disclosures, association management, water and energy conservation, rental rules, meeting protocol, and other bills that you need to know about.  Not only your board, but your members will appreciate my copyrighted articles which may be printed in your association newsletter.

Please click on the sample article to see if it is informative and helpful.  HOA members and service professionals from around the State have always appreciated the way in which I explain the bills, identify who’s supporting and opposing them (and why), and the bills’ potential impacts on their individual property or association.

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Skip Daum
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