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Skip_May_07HOALaws.com is an information service to homeowners association leaders and members, attorneys and managers. It was launched by Skip Daum, President of Capitol Communications Group. His memos and articles are intended to inform, assist and advise readers about what’s happening … and about to happen, in Sacramento.

Skip has been a registered legislative advocate as well as a nonprofit trade association manager for more than four decades. His experience with literally thousands of volunteer leaders and professional service vendors qualifies him to offer information that they need, and in a form that they can readily understand.

Skip’s ability to communicate “dry material” in an entertaining, insightful and helpful way makes his memos and articles especially useful to readers.

Prior to starting Capitol Communications Group in 1974, Skip earned his degree in English from Emerson College in Boston, was a Captain in the USAF serving as an international jet navigator, and later attended Lincoln Law School at night in Sacramento.

Skip is frequently invited to be the keynote speaker at local and state meetings of various organizations.

He obtained a Department of Real Estate salesperson license in 2011.

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