Skip’s inside information explains why legislative bills end up the way they do.  This has helped our Board understand what each bill originally intended to do and how it was amended to alter its actual effect.  This knowledge helped our Board of Directors to steer clear of pitfalls as we planned to implement the law.

Suzy Knisley
Past President, Tahoe Donner HOA

As an association manager, I know that Skip Daum’s reports are not only interesting to read but very helpful to me and my Board of Directors.  It’s so important to know why certain bills are introduced in the legislature as well as how and why they get changed.  Skip keeps us up to date.

Jill Van Zeebroeck, PCAM
Malibu Management Services, LLC

I’ve practiced HOA law for decades and I know that the legislature’s intent behind each bill is as key to judge and jury rulings as the language in the statute.  I recommend that every association, manager and law firm subscribe to Skip Daum’s insightful and factual reports.

Ronald H. Severaid, Esq.
Severaid and Glahn, PC

As a community magazine publishing company we have had the great pleasure of printing Skip Daum’s HOA legislative articles for seven years. Our readers enjoy his writing style, wry humor, and ability to plainly summarize complex issues due to his keen knowledge of homeowners associations. They also value his accurate reporting from “behind closed doors” in the Capitol.     HOA boards and homeowners are kept abreast of the State’s changing public policies toward common interest communities from his reports.

I can also attest that his reports have helped develop much interest over the years among our readers which, in turn, generates more advertising dollars for the HOA’s publications.

Allison Jones
VP, Community Ink, Inc.